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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Introducing My First Book!

Today I want to introduce my first book! 

The School Speech Language Pathologist
An Administrator’s Guide 
to understanding the role of the SLP in schools
along with strategies to aid staffing, workload 
management and student success.

I wrote The School Speech Language Pathologist to help demystify and define the role of the Speech Language Pathologist in the school setting.  The concrete suggestions provided in this book will help to foster more productive speech and language services, aid caseload management, aid student success and guide program development in schools.  

The role of the Speech Language Pathologist in the schools is diverse and crosses both medical and educational disciplines.  SLPs are developmental experts and have to know how to address the needs of clients from birth to adulthood.  Speech and language development is extremely complicated, sequential and neurologically based.  For most children speech and language skills are acquired in a typical naturalistic manner and fall within an expected range of development.  For those students who demonstrate developmental language disabilities, moderate/severe language disabilities or learning disabilities, school can be especially challenging, confusing, frustrating and just plain difficult.

Speech and language skills are also life skills.  Without strong language abilities, students will struggle to succeed in college and in the work place.  Poor language abilities and decreased understanding can even effect personal relationships.

Over the past 30 years the role of the Speech Language Pathologist in the schools has evolved.  Growing special needs populations, changing curriculums and needed legislation has created larger caseloads and workloads for Speech Language Pathologists without significant changes in staffing levels.  We are no longer just articulation experts.  Our scope of practice in the areas of language and learning disabilities goes far beyond what most people think.

Thank You for your interest in learning more about speech and language skills and services in schools.  It’s a short read but full of good ideas.


You can also purchase The School Speech Language Pathologist through the amazon link on my blog The School Speech Therapist