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Friday, March 6, 2009

Speech Language Pathologists...I need your opinion.

Hello Speech Language Pathologists

I have three topics I would like you to sound off on..........

1. Does your school have formal entrance and exit criteria? If so what is it and do you use it? Several years ago I was under the impression that you could not use specific entrance and exit criteria but I guess that changed with the new changes in the laws.

2. Do you have a problem with teachers and administrators understanding your role? I believe that most still think all we do is articulation, which could not be further from the truth. I also think that they do not understand that these so called artic kids could be shooting up red flags for reading and discrimination disabilities.

3. What is your district doing about RTI/co-teaching/integrating therapy (whatever you want to call seems to be interpreted differently by many) ? What is their model and how will it effect your job?

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Laura said...

1. The SLPs previous to me apparently came up with criteria but no one uses it.

2. I have a huge problem with other faculty understanding my role. It has been different problems in different schools. Right now the biggest problem is that they think I should see ANYONE and EVERYONE who is struggling in school. Yes, I am trained in many aspects of education but I don't believe I should be putting children on IEPs to "tutor" them. If my caseload was smaller, I'd have more time to go into the classroom to help teachers do some of the things they are looking to do.
3. I think there is a big difference between RTI and co-treating. The districts I have been in have all been educated on RTI but don't seem to do it or know how to follow it correctly. As far as co-teaching/treating. It only works when I have a really good connection with another professional. Most don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Sometimes all this craziness makes me wonder if I know what I'm supposed to be doing? What IS the role of a school SLP...