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Friday, August 7, 2009

Question for SLP's only. Therapists in Pain

This isn't a speech related question but maybe it is. Actually I am just curious. I have spent the good part of the last 6 months with intermittent shoulder and neck pain on the right side. My acupuncturists told me that in Chinese medicine it is referred to as 50 year old shoulder. That made my day. The past few weeks I have been going to PT and they feel it is a posture issue. So they have me doing their exercise routine and participating in treatments. Actually I am feeling better.

Here is the funny part. Another speech therapist was at the PT center receiving the same treatment for the same thing. This woman was a little younger (still wearing shorts with her college name on them). That made me think that maybe this is a occupation related issue. Even an occupational hazard. Think about it we lean over the computer a lot, lean over desks and tables, look down at kids, carry heavy bags from school to school, lean over hospital beds (if that's your setting) and even lean down over testing to keep it hidden.

Anyone else with the same symptoms? Just wondering:)


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