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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Place for Special Needs: Are you a honey parent or vinegar parent?

I found this article which poses a very interesting question.  Believe me, over the course of my career, I've met my share of both "honey" and "vinegar" parents.  However, I feel the author is a little off on her suggestions.  While it is great to get little additions to the classroom or have parents volunteer,  those suggestions are at the bottom of my criteria list for a "honey" parent.  In my opinion, "honey" parents are those that truly care about their child's education and do everything they can to help make their child successful.  These are parents that work with their child and provided them all opportunities possible.  These are parents who try their best to accept their child's limitations and disabilities.  These are parents who have educated themselves the best they can around their child's disability.  These are parents who have realistic expectations for their child's success.  These are parents who try to at least see a little humor in their situation.  These are parents who speak up when necessary (it is a shame so many school systems make them fight and feel they have to be aggressive.  I never have problems supporting parent's realistic demands).  These are parents who say "Thank You" once in awhile and these are parents who genuinely like their children.

Just something for parents to think about.  Please post any other criteria suggestions for a "honey" parent.

 One Place for Special Needs: Are you a honey parent or vinegar parent?

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CJMonty said...

Parents that give the school team a chance to work a program out for their child before bringing in the advocate and demands for support or special programs. We are mandated to try the least restrictive environment. Sometimes children surprise you and do not need as much help as you think.