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Monday, December 13, 2010

Visualizing and Verbalizing in the Classroom

I'm presenting an overview of the visualizing and verbalizing program to my special education staff tomorrow. I love this program and think the concept behind it is key to success for all kids.  I'd love to know how this works in other schools as part of the curriculum.  Anyone out there using it in the classroom on a regular basis?


Teresa Buckley Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc said...

The presentation went well. This is a very easy and beneficial program. I'd love to see it implemented at the classroom level. If you're using it at your school or your child has benefitted from this program please let me know. I'd love to hear how it's working.


Jill said...

I haven't used it at a classroom level. I use it mainly in small group sessions in school and private sessions, and have seen very nice results. There needs to be a lot of advocacy and school/district-wide "buy-in" to expending resources toward the program. However, with a very good working relationship with the school/district, implementing this program can create great change to the benefit of the students and the school/district.

A friend used to implement V/V at the high school level in the classroom. She co-taught with a classroom teacher (special education teacher, I think). They had a great working relationship, and the students really benefited from their collaboration.

Teresa Buckley Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc said...

So far not a lot of buy in school wide but I continue to use it in therapy. Everyone likes the idea and a few of the special needs teachers use parts of it. I take my own pictures and use those for the picture stimulus so little or no cost to me. I'm always on the look out for great scenes to use.
I like using it in TX a lot but I still would like to see a classroom progression.

Jill said...

If you could find one teacher who has seen change or likes the concept, see if you can convince him/her to attend a conference to get real buy-in and understanding. Together, you could try to pilot a program. It may need to start small - like incorporating it into a Resource or Reading class once a week and then progressing from there if the admin sees benefit. I'll be interested to hear how this progresses! I wish I could help you more.