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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remediation of /r/ and /s/

 We are talking the trickiest of the tricky when we talk about working on remediating the 
/s/ and /r/ sounds.  As middle school therapists this is usually all we see in terms of articulation needs and what we dread most.
     With the initiation of RTI in one of the last schools I worked with also came the directive that we wouldn’t see any kids in the middle school for articulation unless they were basically unintelligible.  First I jumped for joy, no more /r/’s or /s/’s.  Well that was fine until I got into their classrooms and heard how some of the kids sounded.  Knowing that I might make a difference in their lives, I felt bad that I wasn’t able to work with them.  
    With a new job and new direction, I find myself in need of brushing up on my articulation skills.  Specifically with those pesky hard to remediate sounds of /s/ and /r/.  I’ve just spent three hours in a conference lead by Char Boshart (we have another 2 1/2 hours to go).  So far I like the information I’m getting.  Really nothing new but broken down into managable order and steps to follow.  You need refreshers every once in awhile. 
     I guess as I am writing this I realize that Ms. Boshart hasn’t gone out and created the “program of the month.”  She has taken what we’ve all be taught in terms of anatomy  and articulation, researched all of it and applied her techniques.  That seems to be the case anyway.
     Her procedure and logic for /s/ sounds appropriate.  On to /r/ this afternoon.  Hope I can pick up some tips.  I have a couple of significant cases.  If Ms. Boshart techniques work and my students improve....... I would look like super therapist.

I'll let you know about how my afternoon works out......


mmackeyslp2000 said...

I recently attended her workshop in boise. I tried it on a 5th grader and in 4 weeks 1X per week he is at the paragraph level for a interdental lisp that was very pronounced.

Teresa Buckley Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc said...

I recently had similiar success with a 5th grader and /s/ using the program Help Me Talk Right /s/ by Mirla Raz. My student was very motivated and made me look pretty good.
I really went to the workshop to brush up on artic....I have three students with an /r/ problem this year. One of them a 15 year old boy. I was grabbing at straws hoping to find a new technique to help this child. Her workshop was a nice refresher course but nothing new. Right now I am looking for a therapist that specializes in oral motor that might have better success.