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Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is a 3rd Grade Spelling List????

     This isn't a middle school issue but I have to share.  Last week a colleague showed me her child's 3rd grade spelling list.  I am all for challenging students but this is a little bit much.   This child is one of the brightest in the class but keep in mind this is only 3rd grade.   My colleague asked her daughter if she knew the definitions or if she could use them in a sentence.  The daughter’s response was “All I have to do is spell them”.  A note to the teacher questioning the list, yielded no response.  A friend showed her the list from the other third grade class and the words were much more appropriate.  Guess those teachers aren’t collaborating.  When teachers do something like this on their own it’s no wonder kids are on unequal levels within their own school system.  I am almost positive that the kids who had this list learned nothing, maybe could memorize it for the test, frustrated because the spelling was above their developmental level and lost it right after the test since there was probably no previous knowledge to tie it to.
    Here is your challenge.....Can you spell these words without looking?  Can you even pronounce these words?  Can you use them in a sentence?  Not the root word the whole word.  Post your sentences below.
     I have to tell you I’d be in the principals office or the curriculum director office letting them know this is happing.  Apparently this wasn’t a one time thing.  Does anyone recognize this list for any program?  Imagine the words our middle schoolers would be learning by middle school if this was an actual 3rd grade list.  Why they would really be smarter than us.....not just think so.


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