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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For SLP's Only.........Goal and Objective Writing

     I would love to find out how other speech therapists across the country are writing goals and objectives.  I want to collect actual goal samples  in all areas  but especially in the areas of pragmatics and higher level language development.  I'm interested in how detailed you get and how you measure those goals (observation vs. hard data).  Please include what area of the country you are from, how big your caseload is, what type of school/clinic you work at and if you do your own testing.  
     After over 25 years of working maybe I need to freshen up my skills a little.  I also want to know it there is such a think as a "right" way to write goals and objectives.
     I would also be interested in speech and language materials that would be leveled for specific ages and grades.  Any suggestions are welcomed     Please send samples to my e-mail or post on this site.  I may compile the sample goals for an article.


Teresa Sadowski
Ipswich MA


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