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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teaching Etiquette in Schools

A friend recently sent me this link. It goes along with some thoughts I've been having around expectations and behavior both in schools and at school functions. At my son's high school they always send out a list of dos and don'ts before each formal event. At the very least it saves a lot of questions for the parents. Some of the items on this list include general expecations for behavior, how to introduce your date (yes they have a receiving line), appropriate dress tux vs suit vs sport coat/long dress vs short dress and if flowers are appropriate. Guidelines like this should also be instituted for middle school events. Couldn't hurt anyway.

One thing that is often missing with the boys is the hat off inside and handshake when meeting new people. How many of you teach or expect your boys to do this?

Let me know what you think about the article. All of this ties in with appropriate use of language and how to read and respond in new situations. Not to mention it makes the kids look good.

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